How to Restore Potency after Frequent Drinking Alcohol: A Story of Our Employee

How to Restore Potency after Frequent Drinking Alcohol

“Hello, my name is John and I am a professional wine taster. Today I want to share my story with you about how I managed to recover my potency and fight alcohol dependence.

My job is about to taste alcohol drinks. We try to put a maximum of five samples of the drink in a row. If we need more – we take breaks to refresh the receptors. You can rinse your mouth with water or eat neutral food – sausage, bread, cheese.

The thing is that sometimes I had to taste about 100-120 bottles per day. On average, I try about 25 wines a day. Multiply by 365 and – voila! – about 9000 samples only in the operating mode. And I’m not even talking about exhibitions, salons, and competitions! Over time, you get an experience, due to which it is not necessary to taste each sample in order to understand its condition.

How can you figure out champagne without drinking a couple dozen different bottles? When you start to taste 30-50 wines a week, and sometimes 100-150 per day, you have to accustom yourself to spit in order to adequately assess the drinks. Unfortunately, I started to ignore this important rule.

When something went wrong…

About a year ago I had to admit I could not help drinking alcohol every day and I craved for more. At first, I did not notice my dependence. The moment which “woke me up” was that day when I realized that I lost “my male power”. I was terrified when I failed to achieve an erection several days in a row. Sorry for such piquant details but that’s how I want to warn you about sad consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

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Now, after a year of excessive drinking, I understand that I ignored the “alarming calls” that testified I became dependent on alcohol. I drank wine or cognac every day after work. I could drink a full bottle of red wine for dinner – this is it. I could not imagine a date with a girlfriend without three glasses of wine. I liked to drink before going to bed.

I could not control the amount of alcohol taken. I went to a birthday party or to a social event and instead of the planned two glasses, I ordered a second bottle. So alcohol was already stronger than me.

Over time, I had to increase the dose. Until recently, for a good mood, 2 bottles or two was enough. But later these doses seemed to be a warm-up before the start. When the wine was over, I could (and most likely I already needed) to catch up with something strong.

Hangover was a necessity to continue the cycle. This was the main sign that I successfully passed to the second stage of alcoholism. My body required replenishing the amount of alcohol that it got used to.

What helped me get over it?

So, my problems with potency and a terrifying diagnosis “erectile dysfunction” helped me to admit I drank too much alcohol and I understood it was high time to quit. Otherwise, I could become a complete impotent, that’s what my doctor said. He recommended a comprehensive approach, in particular, group therapy. This helped me to refuse alcohol and find other interests and hobbies. But group therapy could not help to restore my sexual function. Although I refused alcoholic beverages and take some other measures to restore men’s strength (a balanced diet, an active way of life), I could not go without medications. I consulted a specialist and he recommended taking Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis that guarantee an improvement in potency. They should be taken 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Since these drugs proved to be very expensive in local pharmacies, I ordered generic VIagra in pharmacy mall online. And the drug really worked! My potency was gradually improving and after 3 months I could go without these medications. Of course, if I had contacted a doctor earlier, I would have restored my potency in a shorter time.

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I hope my story of how a professional wine taster lost his control and nearly lost his job will help you quit drinking excessive doses of alcohol on time! After all, even modern and effective drugs for increasing potency, such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis will not help you, if you cannot fight alcohol dependence destroying your erection! Good luck!”