TV Appearances

Matthew Horbund’s Television Appearances
Show Link
WPEC West Palm Beach CBS Daybreak Lets talk about New Wines for the New Year
Daytime (Nat’l Syndication) Come on a tour of Napa’s Hartwell Vineyards with me
WPEC West Palm CBS Daybreak My picks of wines for your Holiday Party
Daytime (Nat’l Syndication) Visit Dry Creek Valley and Quivira Winery with me
WPEC West Palm Beach CBS Daybreak My first WPEC CBS12 Interview on Social Media
Daytime (Nat’l Syndication) Talking about great Gifts for Wine Lovers
Daytime (Nat’l Syndication) Often, the heat of summer makes us yearn for cool, refreshing white wine. Here are two easy drinking red wines perfect for summer.
Daytime (Nat’l Syndication) Rcommendations for perfect summer time BBQ wines
Daytime (Nat’l Syndication) When you hear Rose wine, do you think of sugary sweet White Zinfandel? Let me introduce you to three rose wines that you’ll love.