Can You Take Vagra with Whiskey?

viagra with whiskey

Everyone knows that Viagra is a medicine and combining Viagra with whiskey is undesirable and even dangerous.

The instructions for use mention that Viagra must not be taken with anticoagulants, which are alcoholic beverages. But what do you really know about Viagra and alcohol interaction? Let’s figure it out.

Be careful when combining Viagra with whiskey!

Any alcoholic drink consists of ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) which depresses the central nervous system and has a negative effect on the heart and blood pressure. Such effect will surely decrease potency.

So, a man takes Viagra to enjoy sex and increase potency, then drinks whiskey which weakens sexual desire. And it all does not make any sense. Why make your potency worse? It’s for you to decide. A sharp increase in libido and the same sharp decrease in it are undesirable for the body, we emphasize the word “undesirable“! Only a very small dose of alcohol will not do any harm to your body.

Mixing Viagra with alcohol will load the cardiovascular system – each of the ingredients affects the heart and blood vessels in a similar way. If you drink a large dose of alcohol and then take Viagra – it’s just violence over your poor organism. It’s also undesirable to combine Viagra with fatty foods since they may slow down its effect.

In addition, studies indicate that fatty foods reduce the effectiveness of sildenafil by about 30%. But if you have eaten fatty foods and then drunk whiskey, you should better use generic Viagra Soft Tabs. It differs from the original drug in the form of administration. You do not need to swallow a generic pill, just place it under the tongue and wait until it dissolves. In this case, sildenafil gets into the blood much faster.

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Also, taking Viagra with alcohol increases the risk of side effects. You should know that Viagra and whiskey have the same side effects are the same: dizziness, unclear thinking, allergic reactions, increased blood pressure, headache and muscle pain, red face, stomach pain and diarrhea.

Another thing to consider is that alcohol reduces potency, and Viagra can no longer neutralize this effect, but you can expect a surprise in the morning – it’s the result of a delayed action of the drug.

So, the question: can you drink alcohol with Viagra? In fact, you can do it, but do you really need it? Even if it does not hurt your health, you still will not get a good effect, the efficiency will be zero and the use of sildenafil will be meaningless.

Today, there is no scientific evidence that mixing Viagra and alcohol has a negative impact on health. But in any case, it’s definitely not worth experimenting.

Know your measure!

If you just need to drink a glass of whiskey, well, drink, but know your measure! A small dose of alcohol increases passion, helps to relax, but large doses interfere with a quality erection (or even make sexual intercourse an impossible task). In addition, we want to say that a small dose of whiskey without taking sildenafil will not affect a sexual act. Remeber, Viagra always works, and if it seems to you that the drug is ineffective, then, probably, alcohol has disrupted its work.

We can conclude: dangers of viagra and alcohol still exist, and this combination can easily intensify adverse reaction. So you’d better refuse mixing whiskey with Viagra.

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