Don’t drink the water

Robin and her friend Susan had been going to Isla Mujeres, a tiny island off the coast of Cancun, Mexico for 15 plus years before I was invited to join them in 2005. Along with the typical advice I was given by the two well traveled ladies of “Don’t drink the water”, I was told to not drink the wine. Apparently, their experience showed them that while the ceviche was second to none, and a fresh margarita could be found anywhere, drinkable wine was a rare treat on the Island.

WBW54 Passion for Piedmont

This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday post has me very excited. Not only has David McDuff’s Passion for Piedmont installment fit in perfectly with my February 28th Italian food and wine event, it allowed me to get away from New World wines, and hopefully introduce some of my wine blog / wine vlog friends to Italian wines. While I have done a blog post or two about Italian wines, I’ve really never discussed Piedmont and it’s wines.

Goat Cheese Torta appetizer

It seems that while people like wine, they LOVE goat cheese appetizers.  Perhaps because the flavors are just so exciting, and they do pair well with wine. Or perhaps because their friends can’t cook, and they want to impress their friends with a great lead-in appetizer. Regardless of the reason, Robin and I love goat […]

TTL 05 – Hahn Estate Wines

Other friends pooled together some Hahn wines they got from WineDiverGirl at Wine Bloggers Conference 08 and made a fun event out of it. Not wanting to be left out, I went to the store and acquired 5 of the 6 Hahn wines they were tasting.

Steele Wines for TTL04

Relive twitter taste live #5, Steele Wines. Six great wines, 3 white, 3 red, with fun fantastic tasting notes!

What’s this Twitter Taste Live stuff?

I’ve been babbling about this Twitter Taste Live stuff all week, if not two. I want to explain why I’ve been talking about it, plus hopefully get your help so I can win some wine! I know that a lot of people who follow me don’t like wine, or don’t drink at all. I am of course sensitive to that, which is why my other blog, Babbling About Nothing, has a great post about Stay At Home Moms, or finances in a relationship in general. I try to offer something for everyone. I’m the Baskin-Robbins of blogging, 31 flavors to satisfy everyone.

goat cheese appetizers

Robin and I love to entertain. We don’t do it enough, maybe once every month or two. We’ll have a bigger party, maybe 20-30 people, once or twice a year, then we’ll have 2-4 other people over now-and-then. We always try to plan out a fun and exciting menu, complimented by fun beverages. You all know I’m a big fan of wine, and now you’ll see I love to cook!