Glasses for Champagne

Which Glass is Best For Champagne?

Whether you are serving Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, or a sparkling wine from California, you have probably asked “What is the best glass to serve Champagne in?” While there is no “Perfect Glass for Champagne”, I’ll break down three different stemware options, and give you the pros and cons of each. You can then pick the right glass for Champagne, one that suits you!

Are flute glasses best for Champagne?

The flute glass is perhaps the most popular glass for serving Champagne or sparkling wine. Tall, thin, and elegant, it fits in with any Champagne toast, whether New Year’s or New Baby! The flute glass will preserve your Champagne bubbles the longest of any glass, so if the bubbles in your bubbly are extremely important, then this is definitely the glass for you! While there are  pros of this glass, it’s timeless style and it’s ability to preserve the bubbles longest, there are still some cons. The first is that they don’t really allow you to smell the sparkling wine, which is a big component of taste. Additionally, some folks find that pouring bubbly into a glass like this causes them to pour a bit too quickly, and the glass bubbles over. Other than that, it’s a great glass for Champagne. This glass is what I prefer my sparkling wines in. Robin, however, prefers the coupe glass for her Champagne.

Are coupe glasses best for Champagne?

There are stories that the coupe was modeled after Marie Antionette’s breast. Since the glass was fashioned in 1663 for the English aristocrats, that is probably not true. However, the coupe is an elegant and classic way to enjoy sparkling wine. The glass has a low profile, and a wide bowl. While it does allow your nose to inhale the bouquet of the wine as you sip, there is a major downside to this glass. The coupe is notorious for allowing those precious bubbles to escape quickly. So, while it may show up in timeless movie classics as the glass to toast New Year’s Eve with, it may not allow your bubbles to stay at the party as long as you do. Something to keep in mind while you sip your Champagne.

Can a regular wine glass work for serving Champagne?

A regular wine glass works! Champagne is a mixture of chardonnay,  pinot noir, and pinot Munier, so it’s perfect for a regular wine glass. While it won’t be the epitome of class and sophistication the coupe and flute are, it works nicely to sip Cava, Prosecco, Champagne, or any California Sparkling wine from! So-pop a cork, grab the glass that fits your style, and toast to an amazing New Year!

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