Not another ordinary white wine – Sobon Estate Viognier 2008

Viognier is a very versatile wine, great to sip on, or pair with a wide range of foods. When you get a Viognier that not only tastes good, but is reasonably priced, that makes it pair well with ANYTHING. I’d like to introduce you to that Viognier, it comes from Sobon Estate, and I really enjoyed tasting and reviewing this wine.

Sobon Estate ReZerve Zinfandel 2006

Hopefully you read my blog often, or subscribe to it via RSS. If that is the case, you probably saw that I’ve had a hankering for Zinfandel wines lately. You’ll also know that while not bad wines, neither of the wines in that first review really knocked my socks off. Therefore, it’s time to talk about the next Zin, and see how my socks end up after it’s reviewed.

Sobon Estates 2006 Viognier, a video wine review

This evening’s wine was Sobon Estates 2006 Viognier. It’s a nice summer wine that rolls in at $15, and while I won’t say it’s the best viognier, it was worth giving it a try. The video review that follows gives a good summary, but I’ll fill that out as well.

What is Viognier

Have you ever wondered what a glass of viognier taste like? Or where it comes from? I’ve got the quick and dirty for you!