Sobon Estates 2006 Viognier, a video wine review

This evening’s wine was Sobon Estates 2006 Viognier. It’s a nice summer wine that rolls in at $15, and while I won’t say it’s the best viognier, it was worth giving it a try. The video review that follows gives a good summary, but I’ll fill that out as well.

Video Wine review, Sobon Estates Organic Viognier, $15 on

This Amador, California wine is grown from organic grapes. While that isn’t a selling point for me, it could be for others. The Winery Direct card says the aroma is reminiscent of Sierra meadow. While I can find notes of flowers on the nose, it was more fruity, like an apricot. The palate is medium to full bodied, and very rich and elegant. It’s a creamy feeling in the mouth, with some vanilla coming through. I found floral notes up front with a fruit and floral mid palate. The finish to me was awkward, though that Winery Direct card claims it’s long and lingering and spicy. Perhaps that was what was awkward, the floral and fruit didn’t seem quite a match for the spice at the end.

We paired this wine with a nice french triple-cream brie. The brie had a nice nutty, earthy flavor and it seemed to go nicely. The winery direct card says it goes with either seafood or chicken, and I could see that from the tasting I did. I only had one bottle chilled, so while we’re making roast chicken tonight, I don’t believe I’ll get to test that pairing. We expect to have an Albarino

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