Using Twitpic to post photos on Twitter

1)Log into twitter on the web at as you normally would

2)Next, go to

3)On the top right click Sign in with twitter button

Sign In to twitpic via twitter

4)When the dialog saying An Application would like to connect to your account, click ALLOW.

Allow Twitpic to connect to your Twitter account to send photos to twitter

5)you will get a welcome screen and it will follow twitpic and designer noaheverett if you leave the box checked. YOu can uncheck if you want, then click Okay, Lets get started button

6)YOu will be brought to the main Twitpic screen. Make note of the email address on the top right part of the screen. put it into your phone/contacts, as it will allow you to email photos to post to twitpic

You can email photos to twitpic and post them on twitter

7)You can now browse a photo from your computer by clicking browse, finding the photo, and hitting ok. You can add a message with your photo, that will be your tweet along with a link to the photo. You can click upload and you’re done.

8)You can also email a photo to the address you were given. If you do this, whether from your phone or computer, the SUBJECT of the enmail  becomes the tweet. Keep the following in mind

A)Your phone may enter the subject as the name of the photo like IMAGE003.JPG, DELETE IT!

B)Your message can only be 114 characters, so be brief, but descriptive

9)The beauty of Twitpic is comments! When you view a picture on twitpic, sign in and leave a comment. It will tweet your comment to the original poster, create conversation, and let them know what you think of their pictures!

Leave comments on Twitpic – engage people!