Contact and Samples

I prefer you reaching out to me. I love to talk about wine, food and wine pairings, and wine-related travel. You can connect with me in a variety of ways.

My sample policy is quite standard. I am open to samples, but make no assurances that I will use them for content on the blog or on television. I do my best to write up products that not only offer quality for the price, but also add value to my audience. My opinions on the website are never influenced by the fact that I’ve received a sample. All I have is my reputation, and if I can not stand behind the products I write about on A Good Time With Wine, then I have no business writing any longer.

If you would like to send the samples, please be sure to provide tracking information. While it is shipped to my wine cellar, which is temperature controlled, I still need to know the approximate ship and receipt, to ensure things do not spoil.

George Butler

George Butler, 561 Joy Lane
Glendale, CA 91204
O: 672-738-9555