Thrilllist forces a Sommelier to try Two Buck Chuck

If you subscribe to the Thrilllist website, or Thrilllist on twitter, you no doubt saw the article about the recent Two Buck Chuck wine tasting. I tweeted the link, and had more than a few of my friends say they’d never drink it. Frankly, I wouldn’t either. I know that it’s supposed to be drinkable, and I have not tried it in years to say whether or not it’s currently any good. What I do know is that there is plenty of budget friendly wine to be had. I’ve recently looked at Bordeaux wines under $15, and they rocked. Here is a 2012 TV segment I did with Suzanne Boyd from CBS 12 WPEC here in West Palm Beach. It’s a focus on wine under $10.

If you want the list and tasting notes of the wines featured in this TV segment, you can read my original article on wines under $10. I have a few wines that I would recommend now to replace some of the original wines.I ‘ll have to refresh my budget picks, as I feel there are a number of much better wines between $8 and $15 on the market recently.

What is your favorite budget friendly wine?

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