Chilling Champagne Quickly

Celebrate on New Year’s Eve

With New Year’s Eve just a few days away, everyone is planning holiday parties. And, everyone is planning to serve a lot of Champagne, as well as beer, wine and other cocktails. However, you may not be exactly sure how to get all of those adult beverages cold, or keep them cold throughout the party. Here’s a nifty trick that will get your Champagne chilled quickly, and keep your sparkling wine cold.

All you need is a bucket, some tap water, ice, and table salt. And the libations to chill! Here’s a step by step guide to making a super cooler for your next party.

First, Fill a bucket about 1/3 with tap water. Obviously, if you have a lot of bottles to chill or keep cold, you’re going to need a bigger bucket. Here we’re just using a small ice bucket as an example.

Fill a bucket about one third with tap water

Next add ice! I added 1 tray of ice here, but obviously you may need more, especially if you have a big bucket to fill, and keep cool all night. I would say you probably want a 10 pound bag of ice for every 3 to 6 bottles of Champagne you’re going to super chill quickly. More throughout the evening to keep it cold if necessary.

Add Ice to your water

For one bottle and one tray of ice, I added about three tablespoons of regular table salt. For a bag of ice in a bucket big enough to hold three or six bottles of Champagne, I would use about three-quarters of a cup of salt. Adding more won’t ruin the mixture. We’re not cooking, were chilling!

Add Salt to your iced water to chill your Champagne Fast

I recommend you don’t use your hand to stir the iced water. Your Super Cool Quick Champagne Chiller will be around 40 degrees in less than 1 minute. You may need mittens if you are stirring a big tub of iced water for your party!

Stir your salted ice water

The next step needs no comment – add the bottles!

Add your Bottle(s) to your super cooled water

Obviously, with some more ice and a little more salt, this would have been colder, faster. I just did this quick experiement to show you how to chill your Champagne quickly. If I were cooling wine or beer or Champagne fast for a party, I would have a bag or two of ice in a cooler, and another in a large bucket to cool the wine first. Then, I’d add half a bag every thirty minutes or so. It never hurts to have more ice on hand, though!

You’re on your water to super cool

I hope your party is hot, and your Champagne is cool! Let me know if you use this tip to keep your sparkling wine, beer or even sodas cold this Holiday season!

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