MAXIM and Skyy WSWA Party

MAXIM – Skyy Spirits – WSWA Party

I am fortune enough to be covering the 68th Annual Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention & exposition. I’ve already found an incredible Sake for $9.99 retail, an amazing tequila I can’t wait to tell you about, an awesome vodka that’ll rock your socks off and a host of other things to share. However the first day of the conference ended with a little party hosted by MAXIMSKYY Spirits, and the WSWA. The DJ was pumpin out the jams and everyone was having a good time.  I’ll be giving you some fun and interesting information about wine and spirits over the next few posts. However, for now, check out the fabulous people at the MAXIM – SKYY – WSWA party and enjoy the photos.

The Lounge was Skyy Blue

MAXIM Go Go Dancers

Lovely Ladies of Maxim

Serving Shots Of America Honey

Ladies Enjoying The Party

Kissing at Maxim Party

Lovely Ladies at the MAXIM SKYY Spirits WSWA Party

MAXIM Skyy WSWA American Honeys


Having Fun with MAXIM SKYY and WSWA

The Girls of MAXIM at the MAXIM SKYY WSWA Party

I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled wine, and spirits information shortly.

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