Wine 101 – Introducing Tempranillo

Have you ever scanned a wine list, passing by interesting sounding wines, only because you weren’t sure what the wine may be like.  There’s no foolproof method for picking the perfect wine, but with a little bit of wine education, you can make reasonable selections every time. We’ve already spoken about Syrah and Shiraz, as well as Torrontes. Now we’re going to talk a little bit about Tempranillo. The  Tempranillo video is under 3 minutes, but packed with lots of great information.

Once you finish watching the video, feel free to add a comment below. Did I miss something? I didn’t focus on Tempranillo outside of Spain,so maybe you want to add a bit about that.  Or maybe you have questions you’d like to have answered. Or maybe, you just want to tell me the last Tempranillo you enjoyed. I’m looking forward to reading, and replying to all of your comments.

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