What’s this Twitter Taste Live stuff?

I’ve been babbling about this Twitter Taste Live stuff all week, if not two.  I want to explain why I’ve been talking about it, plus hopefully get your help so I can win some wine!  I know that a lot of people who follow me don’t like wine, or don’t drink at all. I am of course sensitive to that, which is why my other blog, Babbling About Nothing, has a great post about Stay At Home Moms, or finances in a relationship in general. I try to offer something for everyone. I’m the Baskin-Robbins of blogging, 31 flavors to satisfy everyone.

I am really stoked about Thursday October 23rd and the Twitter Taste Live event which starts at 7pm EST. It’s organized and hosted by twitter friend Craig D from Bin Ends Wine, and I am so glad I’m participating in this one. This is “Twitter Pack #4“, a selection of wines from Steele Wines. I have had their Chardonnay before, but none of their other selections, so this is a great event for me.  We’re going to be enjoying:

2006 Shooting Star Aligote (WA)
2006 Steele Pinot Blanc
2006 Steele Chardonnay
2006 Shooting Star Blue Franc (WA)
2006 Steele Pinot Noir (Carneros)
2006 Steele Zinfandel (Pacini Ranch)

If you have not already ordered your tasting pack from Bin Ends Wine, all hope is not lost.  You can find out where it’s available by using a search engine like Vinquire, and see if you can get some today. Perhaps your local wine store has some, if not all, of the selections in stock. Of course, I am sure you can have it over night shipped from  Bin Ends Wine as well!

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A few final comments about Twitter Taste Live so YOU can join the fun.  First of all, make sure you hit up Twitter Search and search for keyword #TTL.  Each of the people participating in the live wine tasting will add #TTL to our tweets to make them easily searchable.  Second of all, please go sign up on Twitter Taste Live so you can be connected with other wine drinkers from around the world. Finally, when you do sign up with Twitter Taste Live, be sure to say that “matt-mmwine” referred you in your profile. Whichever wine blogger adds the most people to the goal of 400 members will win wine they can review on the website. That will help me review more wines for you. WIN/WIN/WINE!

I will be tweeting my experiences with the wine, as well as streaming live on Ustream.tv where you can see video (and audio, lord willing) of me sitting there, wine in hand, enjoying! I believe you can chat live with me, and of course, tweet live as well!  I sincerely hope you’ll join in the fun!  It’ll probably go 2+ hours, so even if you’re West Coast, you can enjoy with us!