Contact me via email!

People may think I’m crazy, asking for emails! However, I find a lot of value in hearing from the people that visit my blog, and drink wine. I am connected to my email nearly every waking hour, and love hearing from people. Whether it’s to ask what wine I’m drinking, or to tell me what wine you’re drinking, I find making that connection awesome!

Please feel free to add the below email address to your contacts list:

You may want to use it tonight, as I join some friends for a wine tasting and education class at Total Wine here in Jupiter, Florida.  We’ll be reviewing 8 Sonoma, California wines for about 2 hours, learning about the vineyards, production, and of course, the wine. I’ll do my level best to keep connected with you as we explore these fantastic offerings.  Hopefully I will be able to either video or “Twitpic” things as they happen. if not, check back later or tomorrow for as much detail as I can provide!