Blandy's Malmsy Madeira dessert wine

mmWine and Madeira for WBW51

I am SO excited to be writing my first wine blog contribution for Wine Blogging Wednesday. 1winedude picked an AWESOME TOPIC! Like Joe, I have a serious sweet-tooth, so a focus on dessert wines, specifically Madeira, excited me beyond belief! While I am a lover of port, I had never had a Madeira before, so […]
Some of the wines that we'll taste during TTL 05

TTL 05

The next event is Saturday November 15th at 6pm est. The premise for this event is “Bloggers Take Over”, where several wine bloggers have selected wines they wish to taste and review via twitter. This event is packed with different wines, including Sake, a Chinese wine, a selection of Hahn wines, and my selection, Grocery Store Zinfandels.

What’s this Twitter Taste Live stuff?

I’ve been babbling about this Twitter Taste Live stuff all week, if not two. I want to explain why I’ve been talking about it, plus hopefully get your help so I can win some wine! I know that a lot of people who follow me don’t like wine, or don’t drink at all. I am of course sensitive to that, which is why my other blog, Babbling About Nothing, has a great post about Stay At Home Moms, or finances in a relationship in general. I try to offer something for everyone. I’m the Baskin-Robbins of blogging, 31 flavors to satisfy everyone.

Bosco Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Tonight, we went to Italy for dinner. While we didn’t actually FLY there, we did have a fantastic lazagne,some garlic bread, and of course, a nice Italian wine to compliment the meal. I did not take a lot of time picking tonight’s wine out, and went with something that was inexpensive ($10) and being demoed in the store.
Thorn-Clark 2006 Terra Barossa Shiraz

Thorn-Clarke 2006 Terra Barossa Shiraz

I am so glad you stopped by to see my review of Thorn-Clark’s Terra Barossa 2006 Shiraz. It’s been an interesting video to shoot, complete with technical glitches, multiple tastings, and some fun discoveries. That is what I love about wine, not only are there differences from grape to grape, but within the same grape varietal there are differences, and further within the same bottle there are differences depending on the situation. This interesting red from Australia sure brings that point home.