No Bottleshock here – Chateau Montelena 2007 Chardonnay video wine review

These days, most people are on a budget, and watch their spending closely. And while very few of my friends cut wine out of their monthly expenses, they always ask me to find good, budget friendly wines for them to enjoy. However, it’s my opinion that now and then, it’s ok to splurge and treat yourself, so long as you do it within the confines of your budget. For Robin & I, that day came last week when we opened up a bottle of Chateau Montelena Chardonnay from Napa, CA. It’s not what I would call a “Budget Wine”, but rather a wine for a nice occasion. Even if that occasion is celebrating the end of a work week with your friends and family.

Is Riesling Your Next Favorite Wine?

Is German Riesling the Monica Lewinsky of white wine? Should we forgive and forget the past, and reacquaint ourselves with wine we’ve neglected for so long?