Dying For A Drink

hodges funeral home at naples memorial gardens offer wine cellar experience with funeral services

A Toast, To Absent Friends

Marketing seems to be all around me. It’s part of what I do to earn a living, and of course it’s in every message we see on TV, in the movies, and at the funeral home. Wait, did I just say funeral home? Yes, yes, I did. See, as I was leaving the office yesterday, a coworker told me about this new concept of a funeral home wine bar. I mentioned it on the way to dinner last night, and my son did a Google search from the back of the car. It turns out that Hodges Funeral Home at Naples Memorial Gardens is indeed offering a wine cellar experience while grieving your loved one.

I’m sure you’ve heard of an Irish Funeral. The story goes the Irish celebrate the life of the deceased, and have a beer, or thirty, to toast to the dearly departed. So, I’m not terribly shocked or awed by the fact that Hodges Funeral Home is providing the service of wine for people who are mourning the dead. It gives the family and friends the opportunity to gather, pay their respects, and then find a way to celebrate the life and memory of those who have passed on. It also allows people a slightly more relaxed and comfortable way to pay their respects. If you’ve ever been to a funeral service, you know it’s not exactly easy to say anything other than “I’m so sorry for your loss.” The idea of having a semi-social setting to help pay your respects seems somewhat comforting.

Celebratory services are something that Hodges seems to have already focused on. So, it’s not a big leap from those already offered services to something with a wine focus. The Drinks Business reports that Hodges Funeral Home will continue to offer traditional funeral services for those not interested in the wine cellar option.

So, what do you think? Is Hodges Funeral Home offering wine while paying respects tacky? Or, is it just another way to remember the life of those who have passed on? Or, is it just a marketing trick? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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One thought on “Dying For A Drink

  1. Okay, so I am going to answer this from my own psychological professional opinion. I don’t think this necessarily a “marketing gimmick”. I firmly believe that more funeral homes should offer this type of service. Yes…I did say service.

    Death of a loved one or friend is highly stressful on the body, intellect, and emotions. The grieving process that is associated with this experience is well documented and creates it’s own set of physical and psychological problems.

    That one glass of wine or perhaps 2 to relieve the stress or anxiety even for a moment has value. I am not talking about one getting intoxicated. I am simply speaking of having a glass of wine or perhaps two to relax the body. When the body relaxes it is easier for the mind to relax.

    I am fully aware that alcohol is a depressant. So it may fly in the face of sound wisdom to give someone a depressant at a depressing event. Again, to reduce anxiety and stress what do doctors typically prescribe? Typically something that reduces anxiety…that my friends is…wait for it…a depressant.

    My only concern with this service is that some people will inevitably take advantage of the situation and get them selves intoxicated. I certainly would not want someone in the funeral car parade drinking and driving after the funeral if they have had too much to drink…

    Perhaps funeral homes should look at applying for a liquor licenses…just sayin.

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