Crushpad Fusebox – Your Chance To Create Award Winning Wine

Crushpad Fusebox - Blend your own wine at home

Crushpad Fusebox - Blend your own wine at home

I think every wine lover, secretly, believes they can make THE best wine in the world. If only they had the tools, which include the expensive crushing, fermenting, aging and bottling operations of the big wineries. Oh, and the years of experience it takes to be considered a decent winemaker, no less a GREAT one. However, Crushpad’s Wine Blending Kit is about to make all your wine making dreams come true.

This is by no means the first blog post discussing Crushpad’s operations. Hardy (Dirty South) wrote about Crushpad in September 2008, highlighting some of the excellent winemakers who utilize the facilities to blend highly rated wine. Megan (Sonadora) visited Crushpad in August of this year, tasting some of the Cabernet Sauvignon wines created there. However, I think the first opportunity that every day people, like us, get to try blending wines at home, has arrived.  Crushpad’s FUSEBOX has all the elements necessary to create a fantastic wine, and help bring it to market. Crushpad also thought of a unique way to introduce this to the world.

Ten wine bloggers have been chosen to receive a complimentary FUSEBOX, and are having a friendly competition with each other to create a new and exciting wine. Twitter’s Sonadora has already created her FUSEBOX Blend, and Cellarmistress is excited about her Fusebox fun to come. As for me, I think this short video will tell you how I feel about my future Fusebox creation.

Crushpad’s Fusebox – Your Chance To Create Award Winning Wine At Home from Matthew Scott Horbund on Vimeo.

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  • Sonadora

    Have fun with it! My Matt & I had a great time playing mad scientist, though I think it’s best for me to leave wine blending up to the experts! I’m also making wine at Crushpad this year with a group of lovely ladies.

  • sandra mckenna

    Looking forward to the Horbund Blend ….

  • Hardy Wallace

    Cool video. I think my wine is going to be 100% mystery wine ;)

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  • winebratsf

    Great post Matty!

    I’ve blended with the Fusebox before, and I have one at home but i’m sitting out the competition. You will have a BLAST! It makes for mad fun, since you can really be a bit of a franken-wine-stein, creating the best and sometimes oddest blends.

    I look forward to your results~!

    Umm can i be a guest judge?


  • Jenn Fowler

    Wow, I never even knew such a thing existed. How much does a kit like that cost.

    I’d probably come up with something undrinkable :)