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Palma Real Rueda Verdejo

Palma Real Rueda Verdejo

Palma Real Rueda Verdejo

I have been tossing around the idea of qualifying for The Wine Century Club for some time now.  The first time I had heard of it was when Kathleen Lisson said she was having dinner with the Wine Century Club back in April. For someone who I enjoyed and respected on twitter to feel it was such an honor, I knew I wanted to be able to say I was a member of that club. I love her blog as well, because pairing wine and food is important to me, and I learn so much from her. So, the seed was planted, now I put it into action.

Big Fire – an Oregon Pinot Gris

Big Fire Pinot Gris

Big Fire Pinot Gris

I have been really slacking with the wine review lately. Well, I’ve been slacking with typing and POSTING the reviews, but I’ve been drinking and reviewing new wines steadily for weeks. I’ve got a backlog of about 15 reviews that I’m writing up right now. However, I decided it was time to do my first ever video full wine review. I opened up a bottle of Big Fire Pinot Gris and reviewed it “live” on Seesmic.

You can expand the photo to the left and see what the bottle looks like, if you’re trying to find it in a local store. Or, just watch the below video and you’ll see what it looks like. After you watch the video, check out the supplemental review I did under the video below.

Sobon Estates 2006 Viognier, a video wine review

This evening’s wine was Sobon Estates 2006 Viognier. It’s a nice summer wine that rolls in at $15, and while I won’t say it’s the best viognier, it was worth giving it a try. The video review that follows gives a good summary, but I’ll fill that out as well.

Summer Time, Summer Wine – C.B.S.B

Since it’s summer time, I thought we’d go with another nice, backyard sipper to beat the heat. I’m not an a-typical white wine only in summer kind of guy. However, I came across a few good Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc wines that I want to share, and will do so with abandon!

Albino Armani Pinot Grigio Vigneto Corvara

ArmaniHappy Wine Blogging Wednesday. Now, you all know by now this is far from an official Wine Blog. For those, I highly recommend one of the more seasoned veterans like Domain 547 or maybe Kathleen Lisson and surely Good Wine Under $20 or any of the great people on my Blogroll. However, I am certainly not going to let the fact stop my reviewing wines I drink. And hopefully, that wont stop you from reading my spew.