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Zin-Take 1-Pedroncelli and Ridge Lytton Springs 2005

Zinfandel Grapes

Zinfandel Grapes

Every now and then, I get the wild idea that I want to drink nothing except one varietal of wine. That’s semi crazy given the vast world of wines out there. However, I gave in this time when the call of Zinfandel was so loud, it nearly gave me a headache. Perhaps it was the fact that Zinfandel Advocates & Producers Festival had just finished. Perhaps it was that I was  in a wine store’s Zin section, looking at the Wine Road Barrel Tasting events I’ll be at March 14-15, and found 2 of the wineries Zin’s right in front of me. Either way, I was intent on trying a number of Zinfandels, all in the name of posting it on my wine blog for you!

Grocery Store Zins

Grocery Store Zinfandels

Grocery Store Zinfandels

If you tuned in live to the TTL 05 event, you know that after the Hahn Estates wine tasting, I went on to my own Grocery Store Zinfandel tasting. My idea was to find 4 zinfandels in the grocery store, all under $20, and taste them live with you.  A lot of people look for cheap, or at least inexpensive red wine, and I though Zinfandels would be fun for that.

The wines i selected were:

Zen of Zins 06 Old Vines Zinfandel (Ravenswood) $10.50

Cline Ancient VInes 07 Zinfandel $16.50

Estancia Paso Robles 05 Zinfandel $13.50

7 Deadly Zins 06 Old Vines Zinfandel (Lodi) $18.50

mmWine and Madeira for WBW51

Blandy's Malmsy Madeira dessert wine


I am SO excited to be writing my first wine blog contribution for Wine Blogging Wednesday. 1winedude picked an AWESOME TOPIC! Like Joe, I have a serious sweet-tooth, so a focus on dessert wines, specifically Madeira, excited me beyond belief! While I am a lover of port, I had never had a Madeira before, so this was a wine adventure for me. Oh, and contrary to circulating rumors, I did not drink a whole bottle of Pig Stai at the Twisted Oak release of the Spaniard event. I tried, though!

Sobon Estates 2006 Viognier, a video wine review

This evening’s wine was Sobon Estates 2006 Viognier. It’s a nice summer wine that rolls in at $15, and while I won’t say it’s the best viognier, it was worth giving it a try. The video review that follows gives a good summary, but I’ll fill that out as well.