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Tampa Italian Food and Wine Tasting February 2008

@DolceDebbie & @mmWine

@DolceDebbie & @mmWine

If you read my wine blog regularly, or follow me on twitter, then you know that I was ultra excited for the Italian Food & Wine Tasting that chef Debbie Frangipane and I were doing at the end of February. Not only did we plan on having decent wines, and great food, but a small crowd of 13 friends were going to join us.  The idea was to showcase Debbie’s culinary skills, pair her delicious food with some wines that I picked up, and share them with some great people.  Most of the folks in attendance were twitter users, so it was a grand scale Twitter Taste Live event, mixing food and wine and fun!  Debbie, and her husband Barry, are an incredible couple and great friends. There are so many things that caused our universes to collide, and us to connect and become friends, but clearly Debbie’s passion for creating food, and my passion for eating it, were a big factor. I spent the night before the event at their house, getting to know them while preparing the technical aspects of the event. By technical aspects, I don’t mean setting up the cameras or lights. I mean opening some of the wine and making sure it was tasty!

TTL 05

Some of the wines that we'll taste during TTL 05

Some of the wines that we

One of the most interesting uses of twitter I’ve been a part of is the Twitter Taste Live wine events. The last TTL event was the first I participated in. It was a Steele Wine tasting, where several of us ordered 6 different Steele Wines varietals from Bin Ends Wine, and tasted them “together”, using twitter to communicate our tasting notes. Some of us tasted the wines with friends having wine tasting parties and tweeted their notes, where as I used Ustream to do my tastings via video and tweeted my notes.  There were about 26 people in the ustream chat, and hundreds if not thousands participating via twitter. The event lasted several hours, and it was a lot of fun.