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Goat Cheese Torta appetizer

It seems that while people like wine, they LOVE goat cheese appetizers.  Perhaps because the flavors are just so exciting, and they do pair well with wine. Or perhaps because their friends can’t cook, and they want to impress their friends with a great lead-in appetizer. Regardless of the reason, Robin and I love goat cheese, and this appetizer is one we really enjoy.

For the November Twitter Taste Live wine tasting event, my twitter friend Beth G Sanders offered me the below goat cheese recipe. She felt it would make a great addition to the food lineup I had to go with with 5 Hahn Estates Wines and 4 Grocery Store Zinfandels. Robin and I have made this three other times for company, and it’s a hit each and every time. It’s got a great tart flavor from the goat cheese, with some awesome tomato and pesto flavors to make it a wide ranging appetizer.

goat cheese appetizers

Robin and I love to entertain. We don’t do it enough, maybe once every month or two. We’ll have a bigger party, maybe 20-30 people, once or twice a year, then we’ll have 2-4 other people over now-and-then. We always try to plan out a fun and exciting menu, complimented by fun beverages.  You all know I’m a big fan of wine, and now you’ll see I love to cook!